Commitment and Responsibility with our Partners

VLI values its suppliers and sees them as a key part of their supply chain. We seek qualified partners, committed to our values and prioritize the hiring of local suppliers, as a way of collaborating for the economy of the regions in which we operate.

How to Become a VLI Supplier




Click on the “Register as new vendor” option, located just below the “Access” button;


Perform the registration, informing the requested data;


In the next few minutes, you will receive a message from The subject will be: “Action required: Activate your account”, which contains a link to activate your account on Ariba;


Click the link within the email and fill out the online form (profile requested by VLI) and submit.

Suppliers Code of Conduct

To guide our partners on the main guidelines that guide the relationship between VLI and its suppliers, we provide below the VLI Supplier Code of Conduct, which is intended to clarify what the company understands for ethical conduct in business relations with companies who provide us with services and products. We expect our suppliers to extend these criteria throughout their value chain, i.e. customers, partners, suppliers of raw materials and service providers, directly or indirectly linked to the company's activities. For VLI, this partnership is essential because it is also through this that we fulfill our mission of offering logistical solutions integrated to our customers' business.

Learn about the Suppliers Code of Conduct

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would like to be a supplier / service provider for VLI. How do I register my business?

    1. VLI values ​​its suppliers and considers them a key part of their supply chain.

      To participate in our bids, either for products or services, you must access the following link and register:

  • How does the qualification process work?

    1. Documentation analysis: within 48 working hours a technical team will analyze the information and documents for the pre-registration and will contact the applicant about the process, through the message area in the Ariba Portal. A copy of this message will also be sent to the registered e-mail.

      Portal adherence process: When there is an open bidding process, Ariba will contact your company to present the services and detail the business model. You must accept Ariba’s business terms to use the portal and to become a VLI provider.